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Yakatabune Cruise FAQs

Making Reservations

How do you choose a boat for me? Can I choose a specific boat?

We look for the best choice for you based on the number of people in your party, date and time and availability of boats. Once we find a boat for you, we will show you the boarding location, fees, etc. If it meets your requirements, please access the attached link for payment.

Can I change the number of guests in my group after I make a reservation?

The boats operators have their own change and cancellation policies. In most cases, changes in the number of guests with advance notice are acceptable. Cancellations on the day of your cruise are non-refundable. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any changes to your booking.
For your reference, the cancellation policy is as below.
Chartered cruise
30 days before 20%
14 days before 30%
10 days before 50%
The day before 80%
On the day 100%
Shared cruise
14 days before 30%
2 days before 50%
The day before and on the day 100%

Please note that the conditions may vary slightly depending on the operator.

Can I bring my children to the boat?

We welcome your children on board. Most operators set fees for children. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all children, depending on their age.

Can I charter a boat for my family or a small group?

We can arrange a charter boat based on your request of the date and time, and the availability of boats. We will charge you the fee for the minimum number of guests.
For further information, please contact us.

How do I get to my boarding location?

We recommend taking public transport as it is reasonable and reliable. Please be at the boarding location at least 15 minutes before your departure time.

Is parking available near my boarding location?

No boarding location provides parking lots. However, there are public coin parking lots nearby, even though we cannot guarantee parking availability. Traffic congestion can delay your arrival. Please note if you are late and miss your cruise, no refund can be made.
If you are planning on drinking, please arrange for a driver to pick you up.

Are the boats safe during the cruise?

The water in Tokyo Bay is mostly calm and it gives peaceful ride. As a safety measure, all boats are equipped with life vests for all guests.
Please observe safety rules and follow our instructions in case of emergency.

Are there bathrooms on board?

All boats belonging to Tokyo Yakatabune Association have at least two flush toilets.

I wonder if it is too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter while staying in the boat…

All boats of Tokyo Yakatabune Association are air-conditioned to provide you with comfort during the cruise throughout the year. However, we advise you to bring a warm jacket in the winter season as it can be cold on the deck outside.

I’m a little worrying about seasickness. Is it likely to happen?

Although Yakatabune boats are manufactured in a wide range and have minimal motions than ordinary boats, it is inevitable to rock a little with waves and wind. If you are very concerned about it, we recommend that you take a medicine for motion sickness prior to the cruise. Please be noted that overdrinking might reduce the effectiveness of medicines.

Where can I store my belongings during the cruise?

There is plenty of space on board, please keep your belongings near your seat. We have shoe shelves to keep your shoes since we ask you to remove your shoes in the cabin.
We also recommend you keep an eye on your belongings during the cruise since they occasionally may roll around on the floor.

Do you have any options for special dietary needs?

Please give us the details when you book.

For other questions, please send us an email.